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Dead Sea Scrolls – Leviticus Complete

November 17th, 2013

Yup, it’s Dead Sea Scrolls update time! Got another complete collection for everyone today – Leviticus.

This now just leaves two books of the Torah left to complete (Exodus and Deuteronomy), as well as the vast amount of Psalms (both ‘canonical’ and ‘non-canonical’) found at Qumran.

As usual, please find all Downloads available on TWTY on the Downloads Page, and the links to the Leviticus manuscripts are below :)

1Q3 PaleoLeviticus-Numbers (1QpaleoLev-Num)
2Q5 paleoLeviticus (2QpaleoLev)
4Q17 Exodus-Leviticusf (4QExod-Levf)
4Q23 Leviticus-Numbersa (4QLev-Numa)
4Q24 Leviticus b (4QLevb)
4Q25 Leviticus c (4QLevc)
4Q26 Leviticusd (4QLevd)
4Q26a Leviticuse (4QLeve)
4Q26b Leviticusg (4QLevg)
6Q2 paleoLeviticus (6QpaleoLev)

4Q119 Septuagint Leviticusa (4QLXXLeva)
4Q120 Septuagint Leviticusb (4QLXXLevb)

Leviticus – Full Collection

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